At ease with intricacy. Crafting results that matter.


Most organizations consist of many moving parts that must work in harmony. Change one part without forecasting the risk or anticipating the impact, and suddenly the watch is keeping less than perfect time. Design Laboratory helps organizations recognize and manage the interdependencies between strategy, people, process and technology. Bringing ideas or products to the marketplace, helping companies navigate change, optimizing CRM with world-class expertise or advising on privacy protection, Design Laboratory consultants have more than outstanding qualifications. They thrive on complexity. They focus on the big picture. They insist on excellence.

Program & Project Management

We manage complex projects designing and implementing processes and tools across multiple groups. Design Laboratory strategy and process experts bridge the gap between an organizations vision and the pragmatic reality of creating a product of service.

Design Laboratory Product Managers can define and drive everything from product specifications to marketing strategy - at every stage of a product lifecycle. Their Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) set strategy and priorities.

Design Laboratory Program Managers use their deep knowledge of technologies and processes to take BRDs and create specifications and roadmaps. In software projects they liaise with developers. Design Laboratory Project Managers build timelines, drive communication, track progress to milestones, and ensure cost-effective and transparent management.

Learning & Readiness

Online learning and training Podcasting and webcasting, modular curriculum design for consumption on the fly - these are the solutions today's leading companies reach for to keep employees connected and effective. Design Laboratory assists with cost-effective systems and services.

When the challenge is to roll out new corporate processes, sales strategies, or technical skill sets across a distributed organization without running up travel costs or productivity losses, Design Laboratory consultants offer exceptionally creative training solutions.

Our instructional designers produce for online environments or the classroom - even smartphones. Content is made more memorable with delivery techniques that leverage the latest technologies. From corporate mergers to software updates, Design Laboratory training solutions make business sense.

Applications & Web Development

We specialize in building complex applications databases, and websites. Design Laboratory developers are skilled in transforming a business vision into reality, and apply a broad base of coding knowledge for creating solutions that amaze our customers.

Design Laboratory developers apply a vast knowledge of tools and technologies to design and build creative solutions. From the simplest website to the most complex system integration, our developers have the ability to design, architect, and code using the right technology and language to build solutions that are cost effective, scalable, and easy to use and maintain.

Our developers work closely with Systems Analysts and PMs to ensure that requirements are met and expectations are exceeded. They are customer-focused, technology savvy, and excited about building innovative solutions.

Business Intelligence

Companies today are faced with the growing challenge to use vast amounts of disparate data to manage all aspects of the business, including improved management, streamlined processes and ground-breaking market differentiators.

Design Laboratory business intelligence experts can help compile and interpret big data to drive better decision making, risk management, customer service, and product improvements.

Our data scientists and analysts have deep experience mining data from multiple systems and interpreting the data using probability models, statistics, and predictive modeling to provide strategic insights and creative guidance, resulting in better informed decision-making and innovation.

CRM Diagnostics & Implementation

An instinct for risk assessment and management that minimizes organizational disruption, that quality defines a world-class CRM (customer relationship management) practice. Whether the task is implementing a new CRM system or fixing existing problems, Design Laboratory delivers that world-class expertise.

In its CRM practice, Design Laboratory manages the convergence of sales processes and support technologies - not just building CRM infrastructure, but upgrading sales process design and training staff on the new-generation system.

Any CRM implementation highlights complex cross-dependencies within an organization, and insensitive planning or absent strategic vision can mean chaos. Design Laboratory creates CRM systems for real-life conditions, built not to validate any particular technical approach, but simply to improve an organization's bottom line.