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Working with Design Laboratory

Superior consultants set Design Laboratory apart. The search is continuous for professionals who can drive change in complex environments and share the Design Laboratory passion for integrity, intensity and transparency. A Design Laboratory consultant:

     • Is a critical, visionary thinker who can drive consensus decisions with respect
     • Has exceptional listening and team skills
     • Is committed to providing the highest possible level of service
     • Provides and appreciates positive, constructive criticism
     • Advanced education is preferable; relevant life and hands-on experience are critical.

Design Laboratory is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. For us, this is the only acceptable way to do business. Interested candidates should contact Design Laboratory's Recruiting team.

Common Job Descriptions

Design Laboratory Software Architect
Designs and delivers robust, innovative projects and solutions; translates business requirements into technical capabilities. A Software Architect communicates with users and sponsors in a highly interactive way. Also:

        • Performs cost-benefit analyses to determine best approaches for meeting software requirements
        • Partitions large software systems into subsystems and components
        • Ensures robustness of software architecture
        • Generates acceptance test requirements
Design Laboratory Project Manager
Ensures project success by identifying and mitigating risk via methods formal and informal. Applies knowledge, skills, tools and methodologies to organize and communicate; envisions the project from end to end, then realizes the vision. Also:

        • Designs and implements tools and processes that facilitate on-time project delivery
        • Coordinates schedules and deliverables for seamless integration across teams and groups
        • Asks penetrating questions, detects unstated assumptions, resolves interpersonal conflicts
Design Laboratory Program Manager
Uses deep process management skills to design and manage an infrastructure in which complex projects succeed. Coordinates resources across multiple interdependent projects to ensure efficient end-to-end execution. Also:

        • Designs and implements tools and processes
        • Manages cross-group collaboration and delivery
        • Ensures consistent, timely communication of milestone status across teams and projects
        • Deploys available resources for optimal efficiency
Design Laboratory Product Manager
Drives product vision and / or marketing strategy at all stages of the product lifecycle. Translates customer needs into functional requirements; uses technical acumen and strong interpersonal skills to earn trust of customers and development team. Also:

        • Defines new products and gathers market requirements
        • Works on product differentiation, positioning, outbound messaging
        • Promotes the product externally with press, customers and partners
Design Laboratory Release Manager
Oversees integration of software development, testing, deployment and support; manages delivery and communication including change requests, defect management, deployment and packaging. Also:

        • Serves as liaison between business units to ensure timely release of software products or updates
        • Acts as "gatekeeper" protecting systems / applications in production, and takes responsibility for their implementation
        • Identifies or creates processes or products to efficiently manage code release
Design Laboratory CRM Technologist
Builds CRM infrastructure in order to improve performance in telesales, account management, and sales management. Leverages CRM programs such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM to optimize information-sharing and streamline key processes. Also:

        • Provides insight on sales process "pipeline" management
        • Trains staff on new processes; designs sales training modules for online or classroom delivery
        • Develops feedback mechanisms for system performance analysis
Design Laboratory Instructional Designer
Develops online, self-paced, and classroom training solutions. Works with subject matter experts and internal business partners to set strategy and scope of training projects; manages development of all materials used by trainers and trainees. Also:

        • Develops and implements sales agent training solutions using blended learning strategies
        • Produces process deliverables including content outlines and storyboards; manages multiple interrelated project modules
        • Applies technical skills to online content development, publishing to a Learning Management System (LMS)
Design Laboratory Graphic Designer
Builds logical, informative, and visually pleasing graphic themes and environments for print or electronic media. Assembles visual assets, branding elements, typography and (in digital media) full-motion graphics and usable interface design. Also:

        • Creates presentation environments for online training curriculum
        • Designs websites and custom user interfaces
        • Participates in vidcast design, recording and post-production
Design Laboratory Technical Writer
Creates and revises concise text documentation for business, technical and consumer audiences. Develops user guides, system manuals, white papers, online help facilities, and related resources. Also:

        • Orients to existing materials and interviews subject matter experts to develop relevant, accurate documents
        • Assesses audience needs and skill level to target deliverables appropriately
        • Conducts research; manages project documentation